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LA Tour 2011

Language Exchange :)

I had a blast funny time yesterday. My new friends are all nice!


They are new to be in Canada; they tend to get together with their country people, but I don’t

so I was with my Mexican or Korean friends.

I showed them my Spanish and  Korean that I had learned yesterday.

Then they also asked me how do we say ~something~ in Japanese.

We wrote them on a small memo and… it was a good time!


Because for me, English, Spanish and Korean are not my language so sometimes it is hard to understand or explain;

so we often get confused but that is the one of fun parts, don’t you think so?

We really did so hard seriously, but also it was tons of hilarious to see someone who was in struggle actually.

So we were laughing and smiling all the time!


Can’t wait to see them on Monday!

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